Laser Lift

Pacific Tan Slim System

SmartSun Therapy, Vibro Plate and Cocoon Fit Pod

Inch and weight loss made easy! Transform your body and your state of mind. Shape and tone your body while relieving painful symptoms from strains and sprains, back and knee pain, arthritis, bursitis, fibro- myalgia. Experience accelerated muscle recovery and increased athletic performance all while losing weight and inches.

Step 1: Session should be completed earlier in the day, as it is recommended only water by mouth prior to session (drink plenty). Start off with a cocoon fit pod session to warm the body

Step 2: 10 minute SST 28 session. Make sure canopy is pulled down until it touches the body. The LED lights are most effective when they are as close as possible. The lights do not get hot.

Post session: Use the 10 minute shake plate after the session to help the contents of the fat cells to drain. Drink a lot of water!

How Does it Work?

Our Smart Laser Lift device penetrates between 9-13mm’s below the skins surface. The laser creates openings in the fat cells so that its contents can then empty out, shrinking the fat cells.  The contents of those cells then travel through the body via the lymphatic and urinary systems and exit through the liver and kidneys.